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04 June 2004


Anne Grgich

Please check out more Hipkiss in the files section at:

Find 2 other canvin/Morris artist in:


Here is an invitation to join RAW Visions:


You are invited to Join Raw Visions:


From self-taught artist and one of 8 moderators from the USA and UK, Anne marie Grgich: http://www.annegrgich.com

About our group,

An information group of 430 artists, exhibitors, galleries, collectors, writers, our group welcomes news surrounding outsider, visionary, self-taught, neuve/fresh invention, marginal art, art de le singulier, art brut, auto didatic, raw art, and contemporary art.

We encourage discussion of these artists, news of findings and share related information. Seeking creative individuals, environments, catalogues, exhibitions, magazines, galleries, collectors, artists and writers, artist exhibitions around the world.

Here is one fine example in the sculpture by Kevin Sampson and drawing by Chris Hipkiss. Photo by UK artist Cathy Ward, also featured in the exhibition, Christine Sefolosha from Switzerland NYC 2005.

More Information:

April 7th – May 7th 2005.
“Chthonic: Works by Neuve Invention Artists” The Cavin-Morris Gallery, 560 Broadway New York 10012.
TeL: 212 226 3768

“Our criteria for this exhibition is that the work was made by self-taught artists, that it was not self referential to the art world or formal art issues, and that the internationality of the artist is unique and contains a fully developed personal vision of all worlds. The artists are Christine Sefolosha from Switzerland, Cathy Ward, Chris Hipkiss and Sandra Sheehy from Great Britain, Sabhan Adam from Syria and Keith Goodhart, Kevin Sampson and Gregory Van Maanen from the United States.

What is so exciting to us about ‘fresh invention’ is that it is so little explored – it is the dark underworld of the field of outsider Art, running free with less restrictions than any of its cultural or Brut Counterparts. It is the area where surprises can most readily appear and, because many of the artists are alive and making work now, it is a chance to follow an artists process and work more closely with him or her. It is a passionate arena where issues of quality, authenticity and art history enrich our perceptions of the works’ context as well” (Cavin/Morris Gallery)

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